‘IYAL’    As our name signifies ‘NATURE’ in ancient TAMIL, we always believe that we have a solution for our skin or hair problems through nature. The products from IYAL are freshly farm-sourced and 100% Natural. And the raw materials that we use such as butter, carrier oils and essential oils are in their purest form. There is no compromise in the quality and the results from the products that we make! 

IYAL was started in 2019. Our founder LAVANYA VIGNESH always wanted to go beyond nature to bring something that really lasts for a lifetime. Bringing traditions to home, yes the reviews and results from customers speak the trust IYAL has gained so far.



Our products are completely handmade checking all the safety.

Aspects that are to be used on your skin. Handmade, properly packed, labelled with proper care. You will really feel the difference between handmade and store-bought ones.


Every ingredient that we add brings nature’s touch to gain confidence in you. All the other raw materials such as butter, carrier oils and essential oils are highly nourishing that are bought ethically from a local source.


Animals are only for love and care. We don’t test any of our products on animals. We strictly don’t accept cruelty on animals. This is one of our mission to be cruelty-free and the same care would be delivered from us.


Our ancestors had every solution to the problems that we face now with the help of nature. We try to bring that from our roots. 

All our recipes are formulated with an ancient touch.


We strongly believe that each and every woman is beautiful inside out. We don’t run any fairness campaign. Getting you clear and glowing skin is the only solution from us.